Our unique story of illness is hard to explain and comprehend in one sitting, so I’ve included in this page a number of links to other websites I maintain (or have maintained in the past).  I’ve also included a few stories that various media outlets have written about us.  There are other links here as well, pertinent to giving you a better picture of our story and journey throughout this illness.

Other Sites I Manage – This page chronicles our updates on Johanna’s health and our caregiving situation.  There are dozens of updates over the past few years.  Of particular note on this website is the chronicling of my transition to full-time caregiving over the past year.  Sign up is required to view the site. – This page contains the story and update history on our current residence.  We spent 12 months remodeling our current home to meet our health and caregiving needs.  We raised 150,000$ dollars to remodel, rebuild, and equip our current home.  This site is infrequently updated these days, since the work on our house is almost entirely complete.

Stories About Us – This is a link to the first news article published about Johanna and me from our local Fox news station.  Things have changed somewhat since then (I’m able to care for her physically, although with major restrictions due to her allergic symptoms). – This is another story that focuses on the people and work done to make our special home a reality. I felt that our local news station captured a more holistic picture of what went on day-to-day for us.

Various other media outlets covered our story, most of them focusing on Johanna’s extreme allergies even to people (including me).  Most of them left out a lot of what I believe makes our situation hopeful – faith and hope in God.  A quick Google search for Johanna will lead you to these articles, radio interviews, and TV segments.

Miscellaneous Links

Johanna’s Gospel Coalition Article – Johanna wrote a beautiful and faith-filled article for The Gospel Coalition.  It’s worth a read, since it’s from her hands, and speaks to God’s great faithfulness.