Welcome to our support page!

This page exists because we continue to need financial support each and every day.  Having to leave my job to care for Johanna has drastically changed our financial situation.   Our insurance costs have greatly increased, on top of our already significant expenses due to Johanna’s special diet and the unique needs of our one-of-a-kind home. Amazingly, friends, family, and even strangers have helped me weather these past eight months without a job by providing all kinds of support.  We’ve been prayed for, cooked for, and had people give of their finances to help make our situation possible.

I am hopeful that I will be able to become Johanna’s full-time caregiver in an official role through a specific aspect of Minnesota’s medical assistance program.  Qualification for this program, however, takes an extensive amount of time, and even more so for Johanna’s situation.  In the meantime, however, we need financial assistance to make it through the next year.  The majority of our costs come down to three areas: Health insurance, housing, and medical costs.  It is expensive to keep Johanna on our current health insurance, but it’s an insurance that will let her try new therapies, so it’s one we continue to need.  Additionally, we monthly pay out of pocket for her specially compounded medicines and the unique needs of her space, such as for the air-system’s replacement filters.

We are currently short nearly 2800 dollars a month.  This is a lot of money, and raising this amount would cover what isn’t covered by insurance, or Johanna’s long-term disability from Hope Academy. It is my intention to raise $2800 of support each month.  I want it to be monthly because I do hope within the next year to become Johanna’s paid PCA in some capacity and hope to not need the support once that happens.  In the meantime, however, we do not have enough to get through the year without help.  If you feel inclined to give, please feel free to use one of the following methods to give. I will update this page with our support goal progress!

Update 01/15/19 – Thanks to EVERYONE who has given!  We are so thankful for all of you who continue to give!  We are about 90% support raised!

Update 04/18/19 – Wow!  We have continued to receive support each month, and in the past months we have met our support goal!  If this changes, I will update this page.  Thank you to everyone who continues to help us.  Please send me a message if you would like to support us.  I can let you know if our needs change!

Update 01/06/20 – Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past year! We would not be where we are without it! Some of my monthly support has dropped off recently, but thanks to one time gifts we’ve been able to cover costs. In the coming year, until I finally can become Johanna’s PCA, we’ll continue to need financial support to get by.

Monthly Giving Goal 80%

Venmo – Venmo is a great way to transfer money at no charge. My account is @Scott-Watkins-3.

Zelle – Zelle is a great way to give, is used by almost every major bank, and is free!  Some banks (like Wells Fargo) don’t let you set up recurring payments, however.  Take a look and see if your bank supports it. All you need to transfer money is my phone number.  Contact me if you need it!

PayPal – PayPal is also a good way to give if you have an account with them.

Monthly Giving Goal 80%

Feel free to contact me with questions about giving or specific questions about costs!